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The goal of SilverTalks is to bring our collection of the inspiring wearable art to YOU, no matter where you are in the world.

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Meet the artist

Alexander Erickson

Alexander Erickson was born in 1984 into the Dakelh people from the Nak’azdli Nation on his Maternal side and into the Haisla people on his Paternal side. Currently Alexander lives and works in the Coast Salish Territory known as KwiKwitlum (Coquitlam).

He has completed one year at the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Fine Art. Mostly a self-taught artist with brief lessons from other artists and elders, he finds inspiration in his connection to the land.

Wood is his medium of choice, preferring to carve and paint his designs. As an artist, he believes he has a responsibility to tell the stories which are affecting or happening with the people. His pieces depict stories from his Haisla roots, as well as the connection we all share with the animal world.

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Our collection of natural minerals from all over the world, hand picked by our buyer.

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In the Summer of 1996, Pam and Jimmy were excited to introduce fine silver jewelry at affordable prices to inclusive and tasteful Vancouverites.