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The goal of SilverTalks is to bring our collection of the inspiring wearable art to YOU, no matter where you are in the world.

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Doug LaFortune Jr.

Doug LaFortune Jr., also going by Doug Horne to honor his mothers' family, was born in 1982 in Victoria B.C.

He began carving in 1997 under his father Doug LaFortune Sr., a well known carver of totem poles and other wood sculptures, as well as Perry LaFortune and his uncle Francis Horne.

Doug developed an understanding of formlines and carving skills from an early age and has now has established himself as a successful independent artist. Doug is most well known for his totem poles, carved in red and yellow cedar. 

He has developed his own unique personal style over the years, incorporating more contemporary shapes and colours while maintaining the core of his traditional heritage in his designs. Although he works predominantly with wood, he has also explored graphic designs for other mediums including household goods and clothing. 

Doug's artwork is widely sought after and clearly recognized for its clean lines and elegant expressions. 

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