Founder's Words

I am Pam,

one of the founders of the Silver Gallery.

Many things came to mind while writing this page. We wish to thank every member of our Silver Gallery and online store Silvertalks family, both past and present, our artists and designers, both recognized and to be discovered, and you our valued customers who have supported us for the past years.

We are very proud that our store has been recognized several times as the "Best Jewelry Store" by Where Magazine Reader's Choice, and "Star of Vancouver" by local newspaper.

It has often been frequented by movie crews and celebrities. The totem pole sitting right at the entrance of our store, created by the renowned Haida artist William Bellis, has been pointed out as one of the treasures of the community by several international convention organizers. It is believed that Silver Gallery has the largest selection of silver jewelry of any retail store in the world!

The goal of Silver Talks web store is to bring our collection of the inspiring wearable art to you, no matter where you are in the world.


Looking back before moving forward

In the spring of 1996, my husband Jimmy and I moved to Vancouver Canada from the United States.

We brought with us wide connections and rich experience in silver jewelry business. We were ready to introduce fine silver jewelry at affordable prices to fashionable and tasteful Vancouverites.

We opened the Silver Gallery on the busiest street - Robson Street in downtown Vancouver in the summer of 1996, and moved to Gastown in 2014. The amazing collection of the high-quality fashionable jewelry and American Native jewelry immediately caught people's attention, but we did not stop there.


Embracing the Canadian Native jewelry and artworks

Soon after we opened the Silver Gallery, we were drawn to west coast aboriginal art, especially hand carved jewelry in silver, gold and copper. Jimmy quickly arranged a trip to Haida Gwaii, and other reserves in the Northwest of BC. He called me from there and exclaimed that he had found the "Jewel of Native art".

This was 1997, and the top BC aboriginal artists' jewelry has shined in the heart of downtown Vancouver ever since.
There are over 10,000 pieces of jewelry and artworks from over 50 artists in our collections now. West coast First Nations' jewelry and artwork is well-developed and sophisticated by its own means - but a far cry from mainstream art. Even on a first encounter, its unique and beautiful forms and flowing lines, arranged in unconventional ways can be easily recognized.


Discover the true beauty of Gemstone jewelry

Among our collection of more than 50,000 pieces of different kinds of silver jewelry and artworks, natural gemstone jewelry is another major attraction for our customers.

Jimmy and I have enjoyed traveling and discovering beautiful gemstones and gemstone jewelry from all over the world while feeling the love and energy of mother earth. We now not only have a large collection of conventional gemstones, such as garnet, amethyst, topaz, citrine, peridot, onyx and turquoise, but also present unusual precious and semiprecious stones like Canadian diamond, ammolite, green amethyst, prehnite, London Blue topaz, kunzite and various colors of beryl.


Be simple yet edgy

For a woman appreciate beauty, finding jewelry that is simple yet edgy is always a mission, just like finding a pair of shoes that is pretty yet comfortable. Yes, we have them!

We've been working hard to bring the simple beauty to you because it fits our customers' needs and our style. From our high-quality Italian-made chains to pieces meticulously hand-crafted by the finest silversmiths in the world, we will give you and your loved ones a whole new look of simple beauty.