Taking proper care of silver jewelry is essential

Jewelry Care

Although the natural oils from our skin generally keep silver looking glossy and clean, over time they will naturally oxidize due to the oxygen in the air, as well as gather dust and other debris.

You can keep your jewelry looking new by regularly polishing it and using a liquid cleaner when it is more tarnished and needs a deeper clean.

for regularly polishing

Polishing Cloth

Polishing cloths are for use on silver and other precious metals.
The white cloth in the middle has a polishing compound, please polish jewelry to a shine.

Not recommended for stones or plated jewelry.

for Deeper Cleaning

Liquid Cleaner

Please use the tray to submerge your silver- or silver-plated jewelry, let it sit for about 10 seconds. Remove and rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Avoid direct contact with skin. For a further shine please follow up with a polish from a polishing cloth.

Liquid cleaners are for silver only.

We recommend avoiding any stones by using a Q-tip to rub the cleaner on the silver around the stone, and then rinsing in water.

To better protect any unworn jewelry, please store your silver jewelry in a dry and sealed small plastic bag to keep the air out.

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