Apatite, Clear Quartz and Tanzanite Bracelet
Apatite, Clear Quartz and Tanzanite Bracelet
Apatite, Clear Quartz and Tanzanite Bracelet
Apatite, Clear Quartz and Tanzanite Bracelet
Apatite, Clear Quartz and Tanzanite Bracelet

Apatite, Clear Quartz and Tanzanite Bracelet

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Apatite, Clear Quartz and Tanzanite Bracelet

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Size Guide

  • Gemstones: Apatite / Clear Quartz / Tanzanite
  • Width: 1" / 25mm
  • Size: 7-8” / 18cm-20cm adjustable
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Artists: Arnold Horowitz
  • Styles: Gemstone Jewelry
  • Categories: Bracelets


Apatite is made up of phosphate minerals, its name is derived from Greek meaning “to be misleading” as it is easily mistaken for other minerals. It is a stone which is said to bring insight and the expansion of knowledge to the wearer; clears mental confusion, negativity and frustrations, allowing you to find truth. This stone helps with communication, enhancing openness and social ease, while promoting a charitable attitude for the greater good.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz or Rock Quartz is known as the “master healer”; it brings balance to the mind, and enhances the energy of other stones. Considered one of the most versatile stones it aids in mediation, attracts, love and prosperity and increases the expansion of consciousness. Clear quartz stimulates positive thinking, and feelings, which in turn betters your perception of the world.


Tanzanite is the purple and blue variety of Zoisite, and is only found in a small mining area at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, hence its name.  It has an effect of trichroism, where it can appear blue, violet and burgundy depending on its crystal orientation and different lighting.  Tanzanite is a stone of transformation; it lets you better know your deeper self, so you can move beyond your boundaries and limitations, harnessing your inner strength to achieve your goals.  This stone is also thought to encourage confidence, self-control, clarity of thought and strategic thinking.

Arnold Horowitz

Born in Houston, Texas, influenced by his Dutch mother, Arnold Horowitz showed an intense interest in stones as a youngster. His passion for stones established himself as a name in the custom-handmade jewelry business. Arnold’s wife Meenakshi Soni Horowitz, an art student from N.Delhi, now leads the designing team. Their unique designs of SOLOS seeks to combine natural stones, fossils and crystalline minerals, with faceted and cabochon stones, so that each piece is not just a piece of jewelry but is an interesting story of collectable gemstones.


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