Zuni Multi-stone Double-sided Horse Pendant
Zuni Multi-stone Double-sided Horse Pendant
Zuni Multi-stone Double-sided Horse Pendant
Zuni Multi-stone Double-sided Horse Pendant

Zuni Multi-stone Double-sided Horse Pendant

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Zuni Multi-stone Double-sided Horse Pendant

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  • Gemstones: Turquoise, Sugilite, Spiny Oyster Shell, Onyx, Mother of Pearl,
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Measurements: 35mm X 38mm X 6.3mm
  • Styles: Gemstone Jewelry, American Native Works
  • Categories: Pendants


Turquoise is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. It has been sought by numerous ancient civilizations, considered one of the oldest gemstones; used in Egyptian burials over 6000 years ago, and was even found as carved figures in Neolithic sites.

Here in North America, Turquoise had great meaning to the peoples of the southwest. It represented water, the sky and abundance, bountiful harvests and health. Referred to as the “Stone of Life”, it drew helpful spirits, repelled negative energy and brought prosperity to the wearer. It is considered a stone of good luck, and brings calm and tranquility helping to dispel negative energies and bring peace. When given by a loved one turquoise is said to bring happiness, good fortune and prosperity.


Sugilite is a rare form of cyclosilicate mineral first described in 1944 and named after the Japanese petrologist Kenichi Sugi who discovered it. Sugilite is a stone of “Love for this Age”, bringing wisdom and understanding of life lessons to its wearer. It is a joyful stone which evokes a sense of freedom, knowing you are surrounded by love it encourages you to move forward with confidence, peace and calmness.


Onyx is a parallel banded variety of chalcedony. The name is derived from Greek meaning “claw” or “fingernail”, thought to be due to flesh coloured onyx resembling a fingernail. It is considered a talisman of strength and self-mastery, helping to keep the wearer grounded and stable, promoting endurance and persistence. Helps in difficult and confusing situations, it is said to ease fears, worries and to break negative thought patterns and self-doubt.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl also known as Narce, is the inner shell produced by certain mollusk varieties and is the same material which pearls are composed of. This shell has had many uses throughout human antiquity from inlay in architecture, furniture, musical instruments, art and jewelry. Shells are connected to the sea, and are thought to offer a calming energy, soothing stresses, tempering fears and promoting relaxation. Aids the wearer in self expression, helping you to find your inner wisdom, enhancing communication and guiding you to express yourself in effective ways. Mother of Pearl also helps to boost self esteem, motivating you to take positive and responsible actions.

Spiny Oyster Shell


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