Ruby Ring - Satin Finish
Ruby Ring - Satin Finish

Ruby Ring - Satin Finish

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Ruby Ring - Satin Finish


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  • Artists: Mandy
  • Gemstones: Ruby
  • Categories: Rings
  • Styles: Gemstone Jewelry
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver



(Pinkish red, to orangey, purplish red and brownish red to blood red / Hardness: 9 / Source: Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Brazil, Afghanistan, India…)

The word ruby comes from the Latin word for “red”.  It is one of the four cardinal gemstones, and has been sought after and worn by many ancient peoples.  It was one of the main trading goods along the Silk Road in 200 BC, and used by royalty and nobles as ornamentation throughout the world. 

People in India believed rubies allowed you to live in peace with your enemies, and made you invincible in battle.  In medieval Europe it was believed that rubies brought wisdom, health, wealth, and love. These past traditions combine and the ruby is known today as a stone of protection, prosperity and passion.   A “leadership” stone, it is thought to bring confidence, vibrancy, a heightened awareness, increased concentration and courage. 


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