Sisiutl Pendant

Sisiutl Pendant

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Size:2 1/2" X 1 3/8"

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  • Materials: Silver 925 / Sterling Silver
  • Gemstones: Rainbow Obsidian
  • Totem Symbols: Sisiutl
  • Artists: Sonia Triebwasser
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations, Gemstone Jewelry
  • Categories: Pendants


Seen as one of the most powerful crests in Kwakwaka’waka mythology, Sisiutl is a double headed sea serpent with transformation powers and is often depicted as a man with two serpents. He is the guardian of the spiritual world, invincible in battle, and possessor of vast shamanic powers. Sisiutl was depicted on canoes and entryways to stop evil spirits, while warriors would wear images of him on belts and other accessories for protection.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian also called “Heaven’s Eye” is a protective stone, named for the chatoyant optical effect which produces a rainbow effect caused by light refracting off small air bubbles inside the stone. Rainbow obsidian protects from negative energies from without as well as within. It helps to dissolve inner negative thoughts directed towards yourself. It lets you look at your flaws in a realistic and forgiving light, helping you to battle sadness, stresses, and depression while encouraging optimism and enjoyment in life.

Sonia Triebwasser

A native of Gilford island, British Columbia, Canada. Sonia is a representative of the new generation of First Nation artists. As a graduate of a technical design program she combines a wide range of skills with a deep commitment to traditional values. Her work shows a contemporary craftsmanship as it is also expressive of First Nation's Culture.


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