Salmon and Kingfisher Pendant

Salmon and Kingfisher Pendant

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  • Materials: Silver 925 / Sterling Silver
  • Gemstones: BC Jade
  • Artists: Charles Harper
  • Totem Symbols: Kingfisher, Salmon
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations
  • Categories: Pendants


The symbol of immortality and wealth, dependability and renewal. The Salmon is the life source, and is always treated with high regard and respect. Many First Nations cultures tell of the Salmon people living in the ocean, who offer their bodies as food to the human world and once their flesh is used they return home to put on new flesh and begin the cycle once again. Their stories teach to honour and respect what is given and to never be too greedy.


Symbol of luck, patience, speed, and agility. The Kingfisher dives and catches fish underwater with its incredible speed. Legend tells that the Kingfisher waited a long time to transform into its perfect figure. It provides you with strength to step up to the next level, and face challenges head on.

BC Jade

(hardness: 6-6.5) This gemstone of British Columbia ranges in color from white through various shades of green to black. A silicate of calcium and magnesium, Jade is primarily mined in northern B.C. where the world’s largest reserves of nephrite jade are found. Jade objects are known to bestow good fortune and peace. It is said to bless that which it touches.

Charles Harper

Born to the Frog Clan of Carrier Native, Charles started his professional career in 1974 and created unique Northwest Coast designs. Charles gained his inspiration from master artists Lloyd Wadhams Senior, George and Dennis Matilpi from Kwakiutl Nation. Charles developed his own unique style expressing his integrity, strength of character and gentle spirit. He is widely known for his design works in platinum, gold, white gold and silver jewelry. Charles also carves totem poles and wooden sculptures. Two of Charles' poles stand in front of Stoney Creek Band Longhouse.


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