Ravens, Frogs and Sea Bear Bracelet
Ravens, Frogs and Sea Bear Bracelet
Ravens, Frogs and Sea Bear Bracelet
Ravens, Frogs and Sea Bear Bracelet

Ravens, Frogs and Sea Bear Bracelet

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  • Totem Symbols: Bear, Frog, Raven
  • Materials: Copper
  • Artists: Corey Larocque
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations


The creator, transformer, and trickster. He is mischievous and playful, symbolizing truth, knowledge, and transformation. Raven demonstrates the complexity of nature, and reminds us that not everyone sees the world in the same way. While a trickster, in many myths he is an aid to the creator, acting as the messenger from the sky, clarifying truths for the people, earning him the name “keeper of secrets”. In mythology the Raven released the sun and moon into the sky and discovered mankind in a clamshell.


A symbol of prosperity, wealth, and good luck. In Tsimshian culture, the Frog is known as the communicator between Earth and mankind. Their song carries divine power and magic; it represents Spring and the abundance to come. The Haida carved frogs on their house posts to keep them from falling over. When the frog is shown sticking out its tongue and touching another creature, it portrays the sharing of knowledge and power.


The Bear symbolizes strength, independence, learned humility, and teaching. The protector of the animal kingdom. With great power and human like qualities, the Bear is known as the Elder Kinsman and is always treated as a high-ranking guest.

Corey Larocque

(Cree, Gitxsan, Haida) Corey was born on July 5,1982. Corey started carving in 2004, inspired by the artwork of prominent Vancouver Island artists, such as Russell Smith and Rande Cook. He has worked with celebrated Kwakiutl carver, Beau Dick, as well as Wayne Alfred. In recent years, he has started to create jewellery.


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