Raven Pendant
Raven Pendant
Raven Pendant

Raven Pendant

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  • Materials: Silver 925 / Sterling Silver
  • Artists: Corey Larocque
  • Totem Symbols: Raven
  • Gemstones: Turquoise
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations, Gemstone Jewelry
  • Categories: Pendants


The creator, transformer, and trickster. He is mischievous and playful, symbolizing truth, knowledge, and transformation. Raven demonstrates the complexity of nature, and reminds us that not everyone sees the world in the same way. While a trickster, in many myths he is an aid to the creator, acting as the messenger from the sky, clarifying truths for the people, earning him the name “keeper of secrets”. In mythology the Raven released the sun and moon into the sky and discovered mankind in a clamshell.


Here in North America, Turquoise had great meaning to the peoples of the southwest. It represented water, the sky and abundance, bountiful harvests and health. Referred to as the “Stone of Life”, it drew helpful spirits, repelled negative energy and brought prosperity to the wearer. It is considered a stone of good luck, and brings calm and tranquility helping to dispel negative energies and bring peace. When given by a loved one turquoise is said to bring happiness, good fortune and prosperity.

Corey Larocque

(Cree, Gitxsan, Haida) Corey was born on July 5,1982. Corey started carving in 2004, inspired by the artwork of prominent Vancouver Island artists, such as Russell Smith and Rande Cook. He has worked with celebrated Kwakiutl carver, Beau Dick, as well as Wayne Alfred. In recent years, he has started to create jewellery.


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