Larimar Pendant
Larimar Pendant

Larimar Pendant

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Size:Total Length 1 7/8" Include Bail

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  • Gemstones: Larimar
  • Styles: Gemstone Jewelry
  • Categories: Pendants


Larimar is the only gemstone found in the Caribbean and was brought to the world’s attention in the late 1970’s. It is a rare form of blue pectolite which is exclusive to only one location in the world – inside the crater of an extinct volcano in the Sierra Baoruco in the Dominican Republic. Only three percent of the material found at the source is suitable for jewelry. It represents peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing & love for the user that brings a sense of peace and truthfulness. A strong worry stone, it promotes relaxation, calming fears, and anxieties. It reminds one of the ebb and flow of the tides, connecting one to the “rightness” of the world.


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