Aquamarine, Kyanite and Tanzanite Ring
Aquamarine, Kyanite and Tanzanite Ring
Aquamarine, Kyanite and Tanzanite Ring

Aquamarine, Kyanite and Tanzanite Ring

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  • Gemstones: Aquamarine, Kyanite, Tanzanite
  • Width: 1 3/16"(29mm) Front / 1/4"(6mm) Band
  • Artists: Arnold Horowitz
  • Categories: Rings
  • Styles: Gemstone Jewelry



(blue to purple / Hardness: 6.5 - 7 / Source: Tanzania)

Tanzanite is the purple and blue variety of Zoisite, and is only found in a small mining area at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, hence its name.  It has an effect of trichroism, where it can appear blue, violet and burgundy depending on its crystal orientation and different lighting.  Tanzanite is a stone of transformation; it lets you better know your deeper self, so you can move beyond your boundaries and limitations, harnessing your inner strength to achieve your goals.  This stone is also thought to encourage confidence, self-control, clarity of thought and strategic thinking.


Kyanite is named after the Greek word kyanos or kuanos meaning “dark blue”. It is thought to help to guide those who have lost their way, supporting you in breaking self-destructive behaviors. Kyanite is also known for inspiring fair treatment of others, assisting you to work through disagreements, and repair damaged relationships. Promotes good communication especially between disharmonious people and creates a supportive open environment.


The name Aquamarine, comes from Latin meaning “water of the sea”, and is a type of Beryl usually occurring in a variety of light blue to bluish green colors. It is said to embody a strong connection to the sea. Sailors of ancient Rome would use this stone as a talisman for safety, good luck and to prevent drowning. This stone invokes calmness, soothing energy and relaxation. It reduces stress, quietens the mind; stone of peace, joy and happiness, especially in relationships.

Arnold Horowitz

Born in Houston, Texas, influenced by his Dutch mother, Arnold Horowitz showed an intense interest in stones as a youngster. His passion for stones established himself as a name in the custom-handmade jewelry business. Arnold’s wife Meenakshi Soni Horowitz, an art student from N.Delhi, now leads the designing team. Their unique designs of SOLOS seeks to combine natural stones, fossils and crystalline minerals, with faceted and cabochon stones, so that each piece is not just a piece of jewelry but is an interesting story of collectable gemstones.


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