Thunderbird and Killer Whale Pendant

Thunderbird and Killer Whale Pendant

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  • Materials: Silver 925 / Sterling Silver
  • Artists: Carl Mann
  • Totem Symbols: Killer Whale, Thunderbird
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations
  • Categories: Pendants


The Thunderbird represents protection, power, and strength. He is considered the strongest of the totem animals, possessing supernatural power and credited with creating storms. When he blinks, lighting comes out of his eyes, and when he flaps his wings, thunder roars. He hunts and eats whales by using the two lightning snakes kept under his wings.

Killer Whale

Killer Whales or Orcas symbolize love of all types, representing romance, loyalty and close ties between family and friends. It offers protection to travelers far from home, helping to guide your journey back. In myth the Orca is closely linked to humans; it is said that those lost at sea are transformed into these whales and have gone to live in a underwater village. Seen as the guardian of the ocean, the Orca is a strong spirit, which symbolizes longevity, resiliency and knowing that you are not alone.

Carl Mann

Born to Coast Salish Nation (Sliammon Reserve, Power River). In 1992 Carl Mann started designing jewellery, since that time he has specialized in the traditional West Coast native art pieces. He has been inspired by a number of artists, who include Charles Happer, Dannis Matilpi, Lloyd Wadnams and Joe Decoto, Carl Mann has concentrated on jewellery making since 1994.


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