Sun Pendant

Sun Pendant

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  • Materials: Silver 925 / Sterling Silver
  • Gemstones: Abalone
  • Artists: Randy Cook
  • Totem Symbols: Sun
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations
  • Categories: Pendants

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The Sun represents abundance, life, healing, and warmth. Released from a box by the Raven, the Sun Chief inhabits the sky and could only be reached by climbing a chain of arrows. The Sun is often carved on totems and masks and sits atop the tallest totem pole.


Abalone is the inner shell of a marine mollusk, which comes in a variety of blues, greens, pinks, browns and blacks. Here in the West Coast abalone was a food source, and the shells were used for necklaces, head dresses, ornamentation and money. Abalone is said to have a calming influence, especially during emotional situations, and upheaval; bringing stability during tides of emotion. Also, it is considered good at boosting intuition and imagination, helping you to come up with new ideas when you are feeling blocked.

Randy Cook

Born and raised in Alert Bay B.C. Grew up with the influences from Gas Matilpi (grand-father), Blacky Dick, Bran Dick, Fran Dick, William Wasder Jr. Randy started with jewelry in 1997 by watching brother William Cook and soon later started working with Paddy Seaweed. Randy is the member of the Nimpkish Band, Mamalikikala and Ttawitsis. Randy’s Indian name is Gan la, he is strongly rooted to his culture, he is a singer, dancer and artist.


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