Reversible Raven Pendant
Reversible Raven Pendant

Reversible Raven Pendant

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  • Materials: Silver 925 / Sterling Silver, Copper and Silver, Copper
  • Artists: Gregory Neil Williams
  • Totem Symbols: Raven
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations
  • Categories: Pendants


The creator, transformer, and trickster. He is mischievous and playful, symbolizing truth, knowledge, and transformation. Raven demonstrates the complexity of nature, and reminds us that not everyone sees the world in the same way. While a trickster, in many myths he is an aid to the creator, acting as the messenger from the sky, clarifying truths for the people, earning him the name “keeper of secrets”. In mythology the Raven released the sun and moon into the sky and discovered mankind in a clamshell.

Gregory Neil Williams

Gregory is from the Skedans Clan of the Haida Nation. His crests are the raven and the moon, Grizzly bear, two finned killer whale, mountain goat. Starting from very young age, Gregory has been sketching, painting, sculpting, woodcarving, engraving of gold and silver for 21 years. He has been, under the guidance of Patrick Wesley, Norman Bentley, Robert Cross, Nelson Cross. Randy Pryce, Guujaw, and Jimmy Edenhaw. he has also been performing as a professional musician for last 13 years. He uses musical instrument that he has created incorporating element of his Haida Heritage.


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