Imperial Topaz Ring

Imperial Topaz Ring

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  • Artists: Daisy
  • Gemstones: Imperial Topaz, Topaz
  • Categories: Rings
  • Styles: Gemstone Jewelry


Imperial Topaz

Topaz is a silicate mineral made of aluminum and fluorine, and the name is thought to be derived from a Latin word meaning “fire”. Ancient Romans believed that Topaz protected a person while traveling, and in the Middle Ages, Europeans thought it enhanced mental powers, and protected the owner from curses and the evil eye. Golden or Imperial Topaz, bestows confidence and charisma, but also encourages generosity and open heartedness. It attracts mentors and helps the wearer to recognize their own abilities. A good stone for self-realization, honesty and problem-solving. It helps you overcome problems and hurdles in life and aids in setting plans in motion.


Born in Hong Kong and trained as a fashion designer in London, England. Daisy Ho worked out her own way successfully in the competitive jewellery designing business. Each piece is created with her passion toward nature and art. The uniqueness of the jewellery and quality of the craft work has been always what she is pursuing through the 20 years of her designing career.


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