Eagle and Sun Earrings
Eagle and Sun Earrings

Eagle and Sun Earrings

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  • Materials: Yellow Gold
  • Totem Symbols: Eagle, Sun
  • Artists: Matthew McKay
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations
  • Categories: Earrings


The Sun represents abundance, life, healing, and warmth. Released from a box by the Raven, the Sun Chief inhabits the sky and could only be reached by climbing a chain of arrows. The Sun is often carved on totems and masks and sits atop the tallest totem pole.


A symbol of power, prestige and wisdom. The Eagle is believed to have the greatest connection to the creator and sends messages from the people to the spiritual world. It is a symbol of peace and leadership, the sacred down represents friendship and its feathers are used for ceremonies and rituals.

Matthew McKay

Matthew Mckay is from Nisga'a / Dene. He began carving jewelry in 2002. He and his brother Sandi were taught primarily by his father, Henry McKay.


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