Wasco Wrap Ring

Wasco Wrap Ring

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  • Materials: Silver 925 / Sterling Silver
  • Width: 5/8" (15mm) Front total
  • Artists: Robert Cross
  • Totem Symbols: Wasco
  • Styles: Canadian First Nations
  • Categories: Rings, Wrap Rings



Wasco is a sea wolf, a mythological being which appears in Haida legend mixing elements of both whale and wolf. It is said, wolves who were hunting whales in the ocean were caught in a fog and could not find their way back to shore. They decided to remain at sea and became Wasco’s. As they are both wolves and whales they represent strong family ties, community, teamwork and strength.

Robert Cross

Born to the Eagle Clan of Haida. He is the son of renowned Gordon Cross, from whom he learned all aspects of Haida carving. From his cousin Nelson Cross he learned to work with metal and, since 1983 has worked in both silver and gold. His jewellery shows his talent and skill and the individuality of his style. Robert signs his artwork as B.Cross, as his friends call him Bob.


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